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We support in a wide range of ways both 1-1 and with others, and by phone, online and face-to-face. 




SilverCloud is an interactive space for thinking and feeling better.

SilverCloud is an online programme offering guidance and tools to help you think and feel better, supported by one of our NHS Talking Therapies Hampshire practitioners.

SilverCloud is free to access through NHS Talking Therapies Hampshire, and you can get started straight away without needing an assessment. 

Get started

Please be aware: that while you will have access to the programme you select straight away, you may wait several weeks for a supporter, our wellbeing practitioners, who support you with online reviews every two weeks over email. 

During that time, you are able to leave messages and answer questionnaires. However, any information shared will not be visible to us until a supporter has been allocated to you. 

If you wish to contact us while you are waiting, please do so on 023 8038 3920 or info@italk.org.uk. 

If you feel you need more urgent support please: 
•    Contact 111
•    Book an urgent appointment with your GP 
•    Call 999 in an emergency”

Please note: we can only offer one form of treatment at a time.  Registering for more than one option may cause a delay in your referral being processed. 

What you'll learn

Choose your own path

Choose your own path

SilverCloud offers a selection of tailored content including modules on stress, anxiety and depression, or living well with a long-term physical health condition.

You can choose to explore any of the programs that feel relevant to you, with our practitioner as your guide.

Modules Available:

Space to Sleep
Space from Depression and Anxiety
Space from Stress
Space for Perinatal Wellbeing
Space from Covid-19
Space in Lung Conditions from Depression & Anxiety
Space in Chronic Pain from Depression & Anxiety
Space in Coronary Heart Disease from Depression & Anxiety
Space in Diabetes from Depression & Anxiety



Vicious cycles

Break your vicious cycles

SilverCloud is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which looks at the links between our thoughts, emotions, physical feelings and the actions we take. These links can feed into each other to become a 'vicious cycle' that keeps us from feeling better. You'll learn to spot the vicious cycles that are affecting you, and find ways to break them.


Think clearly

Think Clearly

Looking at the link between our thoughts and our feelings, you'll learn to recognise your different patterns and styles of thinking, and how to challenge the ones that aren't helpful.


Take time for you

Take some time for yourself

How we feel about ourselves can impact all aspects of our life and how we respond to difficult situations. Stress can sometimes build up when we put others first, but our relaxation content can help you to make time for you. 


Get Started

We know it's not always easy to take that first step in looking after your wellbeing, so we've made SilverCloud as easy to access as possible. 

You can start using SilverCloud straight away without an assessment. Simply click here to create your account.

A range of information, skills and techniques are available for you to explore immediately, and once you've settled in you'll be introduced to your supporter to guide you along the way.


For more detail about what to expect and how to sign up, watch our video explainer




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