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Tailored support for people living with a long-term physical health condition

If you’re living with a long-term physical health condition, we know how challenging this can be for your emotional wellbeing.

We often hear that people feel they are given advice and tools for managing their condition, but not its impact on their life. That’s where we can help.

Our NHS Talking Therapies Hampshire Health options aim to equip you with tools to build your resilience and live well.



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SilverCloud is an online programme teaching simple steps you can take to feel more positive, more motivated and more in control.

It’s available online 24/7 from any device, so you can use it in your own time and at your own pace.

You can choose the modules that are most relevant to you, and work through them independently or with the support of an NHS Talking Therapies Hampshire practitioner.

  • Space from Depression and Anxiety
  • Space from Stress
  • Space from Insomnia
  • Space from Diabetes
  • Space from Lung Conditions
  • Space from Chronic Pain
  • Space from Cardio-Vascular Conditions
  • Space from Covid-19

SilverCloud is free to access through NHS Talking Therapies Hampshire, and you can get started straight away when you sign up.

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Wellbeing Classes for Long-Term Health Conditions

Our wellbeing classes offer bitesized wellbeing tips, and we're developing a range of classes tailored to specific physical health conditions such as diabetes, lung conditions or chronic pain. 

Currently available to book now: 

Check this page, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to hear when our new classes are launched! 

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Living With Chronic Pain

A Workshop Exploring Chronic Pain & Mental Wellbeing

Workshop dates 2024:

Wednesday 17th January 11am - 1pm

Monday 19th February 11am - 1pm

See our Classes & Courses page for our latest list of dates

The stress, frustration and exhaustion of living with chronic physical pain impacts our mental health and wellbeing. Stress adds tension to our muscles, disrupts our digestive system and causes medical conditions to flare-up; all causing more anxiety to add to the chronic pain we already feel.  

Our workshop takes a psychological approach which aims to help manage the impact pain has on your mood, enjoyment of life and wellbeing.  This physical condition is in our body and not an emotional problem fixed by 'mind over matter'. We don't claim to cure, but some patients do experience an improvement in their pain through techniques which reduce physical symptoms of stress and anxiety and find it easier to cope and manage their pain.  For some people, being more in control also helps them to implement better pain management techniques with their medical team.

What to Expect

Living with Chronic Pain is held as an online interactive session using Zoom. 

This means you can join from the comfort of your own home, and still have the opportunity to ask questions to our facilitators, and have discussions with other participants.

If you’re nervous about joining an interactive session, you’re not alone and our facilitators are well practiced in helping people feel at ease. You won’t be asked to share anything personal, and you’ll be welcome to simply watch and listen if you prefer.

Our NHS Talking Therapies Hampshire practitioners will provide an introduction to how psychological approaches could help, and what NHS Talking Therapies Hampshire can offer.

And, to share their expertise in how pain affects our body, and the emotional impact of pain, the South West Hampshire Pain Management Service have specially recorded a presentation for us as a guest feature in this session.

We hope that this workshop might offer you a helpful introduction to NHS Talking Therapies Hampshire, but we appreciate that we cannot cover everything in one session. So, if you feel that you would like further support, you will have the opportunity to arrange an assessment with NHS Talking Therapies Hampshire to explore this.

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Building Resilience with Long-Term Health Conditions

Building Resilience is our free 6-week course teaching a full toolkit of skills for building your resilience when you’re living with a long-term physical health condition.

It’s held as a webinar, which is like watching a live video, with the option to type in questions for our facilitators. It means you don’t need a camera or microphone, and we find people enjoy being able to learn alongside others from the comfort of home.

The course aims to help you find it easier to manage your physical health condition in the way that you want to, and enjoy life in the way you deserve to.

Some of the many things you’ll learn include:

  • How symptoms of anxiety can mimic our physical health conditions, how to spot the difference, and how to manage them.
  • How to understand and overcome barriers to achieving our wellbeing goals – such as, why do we sometimes make plans with the best intentions, and then find ourselves falling back into old habits? Whatever your plans are, we’ll look at how to make them easier to stick to.
  • How to figure out a sustainable level of activity for you, if you often find yourself needing to take time to rest and recover.

Book your free place now by completing our self-referral form.

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Living Well with Long-Term Health Conditions

Our Living Well with Long-Term Health Conditions group is an interactive space to explore the relationship between your physical health and emotional wellbeing with others in similar situations.

If this group is recommended by one of our practitioners following an assessment, you’ll be offered a choice of dates wherever possible. Participants start with individual sessions 1-1 with a practitioner, before you meet each other and move forward together in your small group sessions.

Over 12 weeks, you’ll learn skills to manage those difficult experiences that may be associated with your health condition, allowing you to focus on the aspects of your life that give you meaning and enjoyment. 

If you feel this group would be suitable for you, request an assessment when you refer to explore the most suitable options with one of our practitioners. 

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Living Well with Respiratory Conditions

Our Living Well with Respiratory Conditions workshop is designed for people living with any respiratory condition.

We consider the impact that living with a respiratory condition can have on a person’s life. We recognise that this isn’t always easy to talk about. We discuss the links between our physical health and our emotional wellbeing, and we share an example of how we might support someone with a respiratory condition. We also share information about other interventions offered by NHS Talking Therapies Hampshire that people can access.

What to expect

Our Living Well with Respiratory Conditions workshop is held as an online webinar using Zoom. These are 1 hour sessions with a 10 minute break.

This workshop is a live session, presented by our facilitators. You can simply watch and listen from the comfort of your own home. There is the option to ask questions through the online chat function.

See our Classes & Courses page for our latest list of dates and use our online self-referral form

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We hope that this workshop might offer you a helpful introduction to NHS Talking Therapies Hampshire, but we appreciate that we cannot cover everything in one session. So, if you feel that you would like further support, you can access this after the workshop.

We have a number of interventions that are available to you that focus on helping you to manage your physical health and emotional wellbeing. You can find out more on our NHS Talking Therapies Hampshire Health page.

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